Subzero technical failure

Just before my kit failed.

Thank goodness for back up cameras! Today my Nikon D700 decided it was all too much…. JUST as the herdsmen appeared on the horizon with a huge head of furry Mongolian horses. Gut wrenching.

Having switched my 70-200 lens onto my other body (D300), I realised quickly that it was the lens at fault… A frozen iris perhaps?  I need to research, because later on it seemed absolutely fine. Dammit. In its defense,  it had, after all, been out in -20 degrees Celcius for about 5 hours, performing exceedingly well.

I cannot stress the relief I felt at having additional lenses and kit in the dry bags. Despite extra weight and worry of carrying such expensive gear, I am now positive it was all worthwhile.

All data of wild Takhi dutifully recorded, downloaded, backed up. A massive phew.

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