Falconry – a different type of art

This was a special day. We spent time seeing the other side of Dubai. The traditional side, that is calm and unassuming. Bumbling out to the desert in the back of a 4WD with three valuable birds sitting patiently just behind me, we then spent time watching as gentle Nasser and his colleague Sam talked to their birds and nestled them in the dunes ready for action. Actually, there was no action as this was purely a set up for us to take photographs, but nevertheless it was ritualistic and somewhat spiritual.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but I think I have found another subject matter that I’m definitely keen to revisit. We didn’t really scratch the surface of the culture or traditions that accompany falconry, but I believe that in time we will learn more about that and the art of the game. The passion for animals here in the UAE is quite remarkable, I have to say. Not ALL animals, but significant ones, historically-speaking.



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