Cuban retrospective

2008 provided an opportunity to work in Havana alongside Art Director Romulo Sans and cultural magazine – H Magazine. The experience of working with a creative team in a raw yet vibrant society full of indescribably rich dichotomies was  a privilege. Obama came into power during my time there; exposing the country’s vulnerabilities at new depths. Cuba is rich in so many ways, poor in obvious ones – a true country of contrasts. 2018 marks a decade since this time and a rollercoaster of politics that the country has been subjected to as it opens up to tourism and Fidel Castro formerly takes over the helm. A small series of works from my vast archives are now released, marking this point in time.

A retrospective. Prints available in varying sizes.

Two Men & A Vending Machine


Casa Blanca

Cuban Car Blur


Havana: passing by

Stars & Stripes

Si Por Cuba

Three Amigos

Cuba: Another Plate

Rusty U.S. Locomotive

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Spirits of the wild

Gulf News Feature



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2016 EQUUS Film Festival Award Winner – Equestrian Photo Journal

The wonderful Robin Sarmento of Being There Photos has won an award for her documentary.

MAJESTY: Outside the Frame chronicles our exciting adventures photographing diverse and rare horse breeds on location in India, Mongolia and Australia. My images, as published in The Majesty of the Horse: Illustrated History by Tamsin Pickeral, capture the awe-inspiring species in a frame while Robin’s video follows the moving elegance of the horse and expands to illustrate the varied cultures. Exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage of my photoshoots bring the book to life and stirs emotions for anyone who loves horses, travel and photography.

View on Being There Photos




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Spirited Breeds Exhibition Launch at The Majlis Gallery in Dubai

My latest work is a collection of equine photogravure etchings and limited edition prints of wilder and more exotic species, released exclusively at The Majlis Gallery in Dubai.

I am supporting Wild WelfareReturn Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary and WildCRU through profits from this exhibition.

Related Images:

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A new adventure

It is with sheer delight I can finally announce I will be in Rajasthan for the remainder of the year, with camera, husband and child, photographing for a new series of work inspired by my passion for India and the mythical Marwari horse as well as an increasing interest and respect for the poetry, books and life-story of Rudyard Kipling. In particular, I am intrigued by his remarkable words from The Ballad of the King’s Jest – “four things greater than all things are, women and horses and power and war”. Quite so.

Marwari horse and rider galloping at dawn

Marwari horse and rider galloping at dawn

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Works now available through Indiewalls

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Gallery 1949 – Aspen July 2016 Exhibition


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Wellington Masters Series

Sneak preview of works from my new series inspired by the world of showjumping.

Wellington-Select-_lo Wellington-Select-217_lo Wellington-Select-298_lo Wellington-Select-388_lo

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Photographing in sunny Florida undoubtedly has its benefits. Sunshine and blue skies aside, Florida is full of the most eye-catching subject matter a (horse) photographer could ever hope to see. Having made the trip with all my gear (and I mean ALL my gear), we quickly settled into life in the Sunshine State, kicking off with annual “Art Palm Beach” at Palm Beach Convention Centre. For the first time my work was on display alongside my husband’s – Steve’s Oryx was positioned strikingly in front of my piece “Player”, surrounded by exquisite furniture from The Silver Fund. Steve’s sculpture is made from hand-forged damascus steel horns atop a bronze partial skull.

The gear – in transit.


New work "B&W Refined" - with my number one fan.

New work at Art Palm Beach “B&W Refined” – with my number one fan.



“Player” on show with The Silver Fund and Stephen Rew’s damascus steel “Oryx”

Saturday nights are a treat for all the family at Wellington Equestrian Festival’s Grand Prix show jumping event. Below are a couple of shots from the warm up arena (sponsored by Hermés, if you can tell?). There is something about the focus, anticipation and energy of the warm up ring that I enjoy. It is full of emotion as horse and rider build energies in an almighty crescendo before they go “on stage” in the main arena. Moments later, they reappear after their jumping round with expressions that barely disguise the highs and lows of their round.




Another highlight was a photoshoot at Panther Ridge, a private big cat sanctuary based in Wellington. Founded by Judy Berens in 1999, Judy dedicates her life to this tranquil and impressively handsome sanctuary. Judy is someone I would encourage anyone to go and meet. I will blog more images and information about Panther Ridge later as it is deserved of it’s own “chapter”, so to speak.


Charlie the Cheetah at Panther Ridge.


Start'em young.

WEF behind the scenes.


Sunset on Palm Beach Island.

Sunset on Palm Beach Island.


Tiger on gold.

Tiger on gold. New work 2016. Photographed in India.


I am working on a new series inspired by the beauty of the horses and their riders at Wellington Masters, a Longines event held at the private estates of the Jacobs’ family. The world of showjumping is relatively new to me, but at the Masters I was exposed to a whole new level of professionalism. Being in a position whereby I could meander in and out of all the happenings, I played witness once again to the behind-the-scenes build up of the showjumping competition itself and was in awe of the dedication and skill of the riders as well as the dynamism and power that these spectacular animals possess. True athletes and truly elegant creatures that I respect more with each day.


Ljubov Kochetova with Urus

Ljubov Kochetova with Urus


Ben Maher and his striking Serena

Ben Maher and his striking Serena


Well-deserved bath time

Well-deserved bath time


Alejandro Karolyi's Blitz

Alejandro Karolyi’s Blitz


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Bespoke print on wood

Narcissus – Spanish stallion, printed on vintage oak panelling.


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